Security is one of the major concerns nowadays. No matter how hard we try but traditional security measures cannot give us a 100 percent solution. All over the world, security application and protocols are in huge demand. Everything from corporate to residential complexes has come to use such software security solutions and have started relying on them heavily. This is also one of the major facts that security system has several benefits which one cannot deny. They are easy to use and made to rectify the human errors.  The next big thing is that this software does not take time like a human does.

However, a software solution is being improved with time with the help of clear research and development with each passing day. Unlike India, Developed countries like USA, Japan, Britain etc have raised the standard of security. Millions of dollars of research money are being utilized to improve algorithms, develop better accessories and make the best security system. With the development and research, we can expect such security application that will replace other hardware and perhaps even human involvement in the gamut of security.

Why is a security application required in a residential complex?

We all have heard and seen the incidents related to security. Some of them are associated with a gated community. These incidents at gated communities have raised the concerns among residents- forcing many to relook at their current security measures. On the other hand, the cost of security personnel, which typically comprise the largest portion of a security budget, continue to grow, thus putting pressure on finding new ways of reducing these costs. Apart from all these concerns they are a lot more to take care.

Benefits of Hello Residents Security Application

The process is not hard and fast. It will only take some brains to understand the process.  Hello Residents security application is not only the gatekeeper of your residence but also serve you an all-in-one package with top notch solution. An all in one application that helps security to manage its attendance registers digitally. Residents get alerts on mobile about entry/exit of their respective staff. Security automatically knows if a particular staff is no longer working for any flat/unit – keeping your society safe. Track attendance of maintenance Staff (Estate Manager, Technical Staff). A committee can get attendance reports from the Admin interface to process payroll and much more.

Automated Guest authentication

With Hello Residents security application, the security guard can now enter the information digitally to verify the identification of visitor. It will eliminate crimes and boost the security facet of gated communities

Check timings

A security guard can track the time of a particular visitor for a better security management. If any visitor like delivery boy, home service provider is overstaying then the security will get an immediate alert note.

Staff tracking management

With Hello Residents housing security application, staff tracking has become a hassle-free task as the digital entry and tracking system manage such activities in no time.

Instant Security alert

This will notify the security guard if something is creating an unnecessary issue and or even if the resident is facing any issue.  This feature will notify the guard immediately.

Other Benefits

  • No need to use register and manual entries.
  • Residents receive real-time notification of the visitor with a photo.
  • Alert the guard in case you want to allow the visitor entry or not, from your app
  • Vacation set up for holidays and any other reason for house lock.
  • A special pass for your visitors in case you want to give them priority entry with no time wasted at the gate.
  • All Data presented on robust Dashboard.
  • Storage and archive of visitor records for review in the future.

Hello Residents is an army of trained, efficient security personnel. It is one of a kind security application for a gated community. Do not look for the obsolete method and take Hello Residents to make your surrounding crime free. If you really wish to see how far the app can go to improve your security, we suggest you get to take a free demo. We are ready to make the nation crime free…Are you?