Advanced Security Measures For Guards And Residents

An all in one application that helps security to manage its attendance registers digitally. Residents get real time alerts about entry/exit of their respective staff & visitors. It lets residents pre-authorise their visitors for a hassle free entry.

A digital guard that secure your family

A security issue is a major bug nowadays and so is the surveillance. It is difficult to manage entry registers and keeping a record of visitors on daily basis. Hello Residents is a support system for the gated communities by maintaining security records digitally. It strengthens the gated security by providing real-time notifications and also pre-authorization of your visitors makes the visit hassle-free.

Hello Residents Security replaces & enhances the impractical register entry process.

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Pre-Authorized Guest Entry

Welcome guests! Let them know that you truly appreciate their visit by pre-authorizing their entry at the society gate.

Digital Entry & Exit of Visitors & Staff

Digital validation of visitors & staff members, Ensures that they do not give any false details to enter the housing society

Instant Visitor Alerts With Security Measures

Automated alerts sent to guards when visitors like delivery boys, home service providers overstay inside the society premises.

Keep a Track of Past Visitors With Detailed Visitor Log

Maintain visitor details digitally. Categorise it into regular, frequent & staff members etc. Or other parameters as required.

Never Compromise Security With Real Time Photos

Capture photos of visitors & vehicles to enhance security to the next level. A wonderful pro-active measure to keep the housing society safe.

Society Staff Attendance & Instant Notifications

Say goodbye to manual registers & maintain staff attendance digitally. Get notified when your staff enter or exit the premises.

Experience a crime free security with Hello Residents Security

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A Few More Powerful Features
Of Hello Residents Security App

  • Use mobile intercom for immediate resident contact.
  • Ability to add additional visitors (if any).
  • Issue a QR Code based digital ID Card to staff.
  • Check-in visitors offline in case of no internet.
  • Re-schedule expected visitor invitation and send alert.
  • Real time updates on all visitors to the Management Committee.
  • Verify visitor details & check-in with photo clicks.
  • Get updated list on basis of visitor’s expected check-in time.
  • Security hardware integration with ease.
  • Resident emergency management with instant panic alert.
  • Move-in/Out management for residents.
  • Track trips made by water tankers.
  • Unbelievably simple UI for security guards & gatekeepers.
  • Monitor the security process from anywhere, anytime and optimize security costs.
  • Monitor over stay of visitors based on their category.
  • And more..

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pre-authorise my guests for a hassle free entry?

You just need to either select a contact from your mobile phonebook or enter the visitor’s name and contact manually. Select an expected date and time, add additional visitors & vehicle details, if any. Now proceed. Your visitor gets an invite from you with QR code to enter the society.

How do I allow my domestic help in the society premises only on certain days of a week?

You have an option to turn off the days to restrict his/her entry from the society. Just go to staff entry section on visitor management panel and do the needful.

Can I cancel an invitation already sent to my expected guest?

Yes! You can either re-schedule or cancel an already sent invite. The already sent QR entry code wont be valid for his/her entry.

We have 2 separate gates for entry and exit of visitors. Can a single login work on both the gates?

No. You need two licenses to manage two gates. Separate login ensures better security at different gates. It eliminates the duplicity of records. The entry and exit gates can be managed individually.

How many visitors can check-in/out in day through Hello Residents Security?

There is no limit to the number of visitors, staff, residents who check in through this application. Additionally, residents can add as many visitors to their list.