Celebration time is around the corner and Jingle bells are ready to binge in everyone’s life. Hello readers, we are here to open up with another blog for the residences of a housing society and their Christmas Celebrations.

December has never counted as a month because of the 31-day long trip that covers up all the ups and downs in one go.

We can’t afford to sum up all December like any other month.  It has all that we need to make us feel happy.  Everyone’s December is booked with weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas Celebrations.

It is good to see if your society has draped its boundaries with art and culture. of give the necessary freedom to people they want or deserve. It is the best time to see and get into a mania of planning, to shop and hop on every other corner of the city and its market. Above all, the season is also for marriages. In short, a hectic schedule in this month; come with a basket of fun and celebration.

Society’s get together is not less than a fun ride. It includes planning, managing, controlling and so on. But with Hello Residents things can be done easily as we are going to help you from scratch. If you live in an apartment complex, you’ll be starting to gear up to enjoy these festivals with great pomp and show.

One of the greatest of the things about apartments living is the diverse community almost like a mini India. It surely is count as one of the greatest things about an apartment.

Let’s discuss the things that you can pin down to celebrate each festival with ease.

1) Creating a list of activities for Christmas celebrations

It’s right to say that planning is the first step of everything and without planning one cannot create moments like they want to create.

Like every other thing, create a festival in the society take time. Hello Residents give your society a pool of facilities and you just have to binge on it.

How Hello Residents can help?

It will take a few clicks and you can sort the festive activities at your Hello Residents notice board. These planned events can be viewed by residents anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Use the SMS feature to keep residents updated about the latest happenings.

2) Create an instant poll

The second step is to create polls in the society. This will help you to clarify the priorities of several things like decoration, catering, party poppers etc. for the Christmas celebrations.

How do Hello Residents help?

Online Polls help you to check all resident’s opinion for taking important decisions. Polls also help to ensure participation. No need to worry about an email or messages overload.

 3) Form task forces and allocate responsibilities

The major factor after discussing the plans is to allocate roles and responsibilities. Make sure the task allocated to the active members of your society as this may affect the plan.

The task may include:

  • Cleaning and housekeeping around the apartment complex
  • Managing to park vehicles
  • Restricted area designation and rules to keep children and pets safe
  • Waste segregation and collection supervision (festivals do tend to generate more than usual)
  • Tracking visitors and vendors and having a system in place to monitor them, since you’ll have more people coming and going during this time.
How Hello Residents can help?

You can avail group feature from the application and can add relevant members to the groups. These members can have their own conversations and seamlessly work towards fulfillment of their goals.

4) Meetings and more during the Christmas celebrations

After deciding the dates and work, put it on the calendar. Once the dates are decided and put up on the event calendar, you should start working before a deadline. For such planning you would need to:

  • Set up meetings to discuss progress
  • Budgeting for purchases
  • Deciding on contributions from residents
  • Organizing caterers and decorators
  • Hiring extra staff

How Hello Residents can help?

There is a meeting corner in Hello Residents application, through which one can generate multiple emails. You can also send the reminders to participants for next meetings. Moreover, you can maintain the minutes of meetings.

5) Make a handy list of important contact numbers

You must have seen at your home that your mom has maintained a list of contacts including utility services (plumber, electrician), emergency numbers (ambulance, fire, electricity, water, telephone, cable, pharmacies, diagnostic labs), and taxi services are usually displayed in a prominent place in your Apartment. But then you need to note down those numbers or go to where the list is displayed in case you need a number.

How Hello Residents can help?

The same list can be put up on Hello Residents for apartment residents to access from anywhere, anytime, through mobile or web. You have doctors and other medical professionals in the building; you can also include their numbers with their permission and highlight them. If there are new residents, this will be a great way to acclimatize them quickly and let them settle in to enjoy the festival season & Christmas celebrations.

You can see more on Hello Residents and for that, you have to be a part of Hello Residents. What are you waiting for? Christmas is about to come. We are ready to make your festival special, are you?

It’s Easy! Visit www.helloresidents.com, or download the app, available on all platforms.

For any query, call us and say Hello! We are 24X7 available at your service.

Merry Christmas!