Hola! Time to upgrade your knowledge a bit as we are here to gear up the extra platter of an outer world. Since we cover topics associated with residents and gated communities, we thought to cover the area and height of world’s tallest residential building.

Residential buildings have taken a special place in almost every developing and developed country. Over the years, construction has changed its pathways. Construction mavens have done a lot of research and development in shaping the world a little better. The epoch has changed and so does the ideas. Apart from being architectural marvels, such structures often give their makers and nations a global visibility.

So, let us introduce you to the world’s tallest residential buildings

432 Park Avenue – World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 425.5m

Location- New York

Been there, seen that?  Park Avenue is the world’s tallest residential building constructed in the spot previously occupied by the Drake Hotel. Park Avenue is the second tallest building in NY and has a footprint of over 2,800 m. The building has a total of 84 stories, each having an area of roughly 8000 sq.ft.

Beautifully crafted, this building was first created by Rafael Vinoly and the interiors were designed by the firm Bentel & Bentel and Deborah Berke.  It also covers a story which says that the building was inspired by a fancy trash can designed by an Australian designer.

Princess Tower – Second World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 413.4m

Location- Dubai, UAE

Dubai has always been a known name when it comes to architecture. One of the many fascinating things, the Princess Tower has come up with the second world’s tallest residential building. This skyscraper has 101 storeys and has a postmodern architecture.

Engineered by Syed Masjid Hashmi, it has a huge parking space spread over 6 entire floors. Tameer Holdings, the developer, completed this building and it took six years to complete the project.

23 Marina – Third World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 392.8m

Location- Dubai, UAE

Here comes another masterpiece from Dubai, the 23 Marina which held the place that was recently taken up by the Princess Tower. It comprises 88 storeys. It took 6 years to complete this building and over 79% of its part was already sold before the construction.

23 Marina boasts of 57 swimming pools and a private elevator for each duplex. Having a floor area of 1, 39,544 meters, the masterpiece is owned by Hircon International and was designed by Hafez Contractor.

Elite Residence – Fourth World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 380.5m

Location- Dubai, UAE

Elite Residence is the fourth world’s tallest residential building.   It is a supertall skyscraper in Dubai Marina district. The building overlooks the Palm Jumeirah, the famous manmade island.

Elite Residence has total 91 floors, out of which 76 floors are for residential purposes and the rest is for parking and other amenities.

The tower was designed by Adnan Saffarini and was developed by Tameer Holdings.

The Marina Torch – Fifth World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 336.8m

Location- Dubai, UAE

Yet another tallest residential building we have from Dubai, Marina Torch. The Torch replaced the Q1 from Gold Coast when it opened in 2011. Designed by the National Engineering Bureau, the tower has 82 floors, out of which 74 floors are for residence.

Q1- Sixth World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 337m

Location- Gold Coast, Australia

Just a one step down to Torch, we have Queensland Number One skyscraper in the list.  the pride of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This residential tower is located in Surfers Paradise and was opened in 2005. It is currently the 6th world’s tallest residential building.

Q1 has a total number of 78 floors. The building was SDG & The Buchan Group, and its form was inspired by the Sydney 2000 Olympic torch and the Sydney Opera House.

HHHR Tower – Seventh World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 316.7m

HHHR Tower, also known as the Blue Tower. Another masterpiece from Dubai. It has 72 floors and it took 4 years to complete this 7th world’s tallest residential building started from 2006 to 2010.

Designed by architect Al Hashemi, the building is primarily residential, and its side usages are as commercial. HHHR tower is the fifth-tallest residential building in Dubai and the seventh-tallest residential building in the world.

Ocean Heights – Eighth World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 310m

Location- Dubai, UAE

Ocean Heights is a supertall skyscraper from UAE. With 83 floors, it has a unique curvy structure. This building is a visual attraction for tourists in the locality.

This skyscraper was designed by Andrew Bromberg and was developed by DAMAC Properties. This is considered one of the most opulent and luxurious residential properties in Dubai.

Cayan Tower –  Nineth World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 306m

Location- Dubai, UAE

The Cayan Tower earlier known as Infinity tower is a 306m tall and has 75 floors.  This tower is the brainchild of the same company that developed the Burj Khalifa.  It became the first ever high-rise building with a twist of 90 degrees. The tower is also famous for its titanium colored panels which block direct sunlight. On 10 June 2013, it has become the world’s tallest twisted tower, surpassing Turning Torso.

Cayan Tower was designed by architects Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and was developed by Cayan Real Estate.

One57 – Tenth World’s Tallest Residential Building

Height: 306 m

Location- New York

One57, formerly known as the Carnegie 57/ Billionaire Building is a 75 storey supertall skyscraper in Manhattan, New York.  The building has 92 condominium units on top of a new Park Hyatt Hotel with 210 rooms,

One57 is the 10th world’s tallest residential building having 75 floors and the floor area of this building is around 8,53,567 mtr. sq.  It was designed by Christian De Portzamparc and was constructed by the Extell Development Company.