A residential society is a home to numerous families. A residential society has to cater to all these families and in a way that is favorable to all. This raises a multitude of issues that the society has to take care of for its smooth operations. This creates a need for a better and more efficient Society Management System in Delhi NCR. Today, let’s discuss the various issues/Top 10 Issues that the Residential Societies face:-

1. Keeping a Record

Since the number of residents is on the higher side, society needs to keep a proper record of each and every resident and their utility consumption. There is also a need to keep a record of every apartment’s maintenance dues. Our current apartment management system in Delhi NCR consists of keeping a receipt of everything and recording entries in registers. It is tiresome and requires a huge amount of time to browse through them when searching past records.


Keeping the Records in an Excel file in a computer is a better and more convenient option.

We have also developed a Society Management System in Delhi NCR that allows you to keep a record of all the residents and saves it on our cloud-based server. It also allows you to issue bills and receipts digitally and helps the environment save paper.

2. Managing Visitors

With a large number of families residing in society, residential societies have a lot of visitors. Whether it is the regular staff, guests, relatives and more that are visiting, managing them and maintaining a record of everyone is a challenging task. There needs to be proper security at all times to manage the entry & exit of visitors. Employing an Apartment management system in Delhi NCR has proved a boon for some residential societies.


Installation of 24X7 Surveillance is a must for any society. Employing security guards to record the entry and exit of each resident and visitor with their contact details is also important.

We can also use the Hello Residents Society Management System in Delhi NCR designed to provide you a 3-Tier security system. It provides notification to each resident about their visitors and the management committees can check the number of visitors in the society at any time.

3. Waste Management

How to manage the waste in a Residential Society? It is one issue that every society faces irrespective of the number of families. There has been an increase in the consumption in our households and to manage this increase a proper Society Management System in Delhi NCR needs to be employed.


Employ a Waste Segregation System to divide Wet & Dry waste into different piles. This can then be used as a composite in the landscaping and the rest can be sent for recycling.

Proper Dustbins and waste segregation charts in Common area, tower, and society entrance are a must.

To introduce and discuss the same with all the society members and management, we have an apartment management system in Delhi NCR. It lets you create groups to share your view with society members, create polls to check who is in favor and much more.

4. Facility Management

Nowadays, every residential society offers many amenities to its residents. Whether it is a clubhouse, community hall, common lounge or outdoor games court, these add to the value of any society. But to properly maintain these facilities and allow the residents to book them is a challenge.


Updating the booking information to the notice board that lets all the residents be informed from when to when a facility is booked.

Another way is to use our Facility management software in Delhi NCR that lets you select a facility and send a request to the management to book the same. All from the comfort of your phone. If available, the management can confirm the same by accepting your request.

5. Staff management

In our busy lives, we all turn to our staff for the cleaning of our homes. And there is an immense requirement of staff for making our daily life better in any society. But to manage the staff, their entry and exit is another problem that a society has to think about.


Getting Police Verification for each of the staff members lets you have their authentic details for any mishappening in the future.

Another way is to authenticate their photo IDs and assign them a badge number for future reference from society. You can do the same by adding the staff to your Hello Residents app.

6. Service Request

There are lots of maintenance requests that a society needs to look after on a daily basis. Checking these requests, sending someone to help, updating request status, etc consumes a lot of time and energy on the part of management.


To have an integrated system that connects all the residents, management and the technicians. We have such an integrated Society Management system in Delhi NCR that provides a common platform for the Residents to send their Service request, management to assign technician and the technician to receive the request.

7. Parking

Every society has a lot of cars to accommodate inside the premises. The societies have sufficient parking space for its residents, but to create a proper space for each car is a problem faced by residential societies.


To allocate/ assign a proper parking space to each resident and provide them with a parking space number is a tried and tested solution to this problem.

You can use the Hello Residence facility management system in Delhi NCR to do the same. It can also be scanned at the entrance to permit entrance to only resident cars.

8. Resident Complaints

There are numerous suggestions and complaints that a resident faces and bring to the notice of society. But it is an impossible task to accommodate all the resident’s issues and take their suggestions into consideration.


To get the residents of the society together and discuss the common problems and suggestions. This is easier said than done. But with our Hello Residents Notice Board and Polls feature, the residents can become an active part of the decisions of the society.

9. Enforcing new rules

Society is ever changing. With time, the rules and regulations of the society are also prone to changes. Mostly, the management puts a notice in the common area and the rules are enforced. It may or may not be seen by the residents and will result in feuds later on. This again is a society problem.


To notify each and every member of the society of the change in rules and the notice period. It is difficult to inform all the residents individually but Hello Resident app has a Notice board that acts as your apartment management system in Delhi NCR. It posts important information and sends a notification to all residents regarding the same.

10. Keeping an account of Payments

Each society issues many bills like utility bills, maintenance bills, facility use bill, Gymnasium bill, etc. To keep an account of all the payments received for the same is a humungous task in itself and poses a problem.


Adapting a single payment gateway for taking the payment is a viable solution. The society management app in Delhi NCR has a Bills management and payment gateway pre-installed. It lets you receive payment for the bills issues and keeps a record on a cloud-based server for future reference. It also provides a safe and encrypted payment gateway to keep your transactions safe.

To conclude, with the increasing digitalization, we need to adopt the leading edge technology for more effective and efficient society management. Using an app on your smartphone is a key advancement that can be used for the same.