It is not less than a challenge to maintain a group of families altogether. Ever since people have started living in the housing societies, there are a lot of things which they do together. They need to share the responsibility together to handle functional stuff such as bill payment, upkeep, and maintenance of the property, security, and legalities. Large Villas have several buildings with hundreds of apartments; it’s become really difficult for the resident welfare association to efficiently manage the housing society issues and resolves everyone’s problems promptly. These are time-consuming factors and hence, people look for people for Society Management Software so that they can save time and the remaining they can invest in other important activities.

Though, the RWA does its best to manage the decorum of society. But what if one gets a simple online society management software. Using these society management solutions, management committee can manage the day to day operations of the societies and these are ideal for small, large and medium societies. Whenever people manage societies using these society management solutions, they develop a process in the system which saves time and money.

Benefits of having an online society management software

It has become more difficult to handle a society only using manpower. The time has changed and hence it demands a bit more active yet efficient solution. Manage residential societies using Hello Residents Online society management software from the scratch to top and discover the most convenient and fast way to get rid of such issues.

An application that serves as a true meaning of management is not so far away from you. It has multiple facets that surely would help you in not just one way but, in three ways. Using its user-friendly mobile application, the well-being of housing societies can handle the day-to-day community activities with excellent visibility. These include various excellent features which have an amazing ability for making the community management simple and hassle-free.

Better Social life

It provides a wide system to community members, to link with each other, talk, discuss and become friends. Just with a single click, you can simply link with other community members and can develop a powerful connection with them online community.

A lot less use of time

Hello Residents is a comprehensive cloud-based application which offers an easy to use interface for the members of a Housing society. With its latest & effective features, it helps to secure the premises in a full-fledged manner. Hello Residents gives you total control in verifying, screening, and badging different visitors in the Society. No other software product offers such functionality, speed, ease-of-use & scalability

Security at its best

Oversee your housing society with an automated application; manage all workload that demands a huge time and efforts. Hello Residents application helps the management with almost all the tasks as it monitors security processes from anywhere, anytime. Get visibility into security processes and optimize security costs prevent pilferage of inventory, goods, water, diesel through accurate data capture at the security gate.

Automated Invoicing

It is designed for the housing society management to ease their workload. The application makes the entire system more stable, flexible and customized by enabling 100 percent automated invoicing, efficient staff management, quick redressal of grievances and a lot more.

Uplift your savings by facility booking

Do your family functions with ease and also uplift the savings by managing the bookings for properties worth crores of rupees that generate huge revenue for the welfare of residents.

Hello Residents’ society management software not only satisfies the requirement to effectively manage operations of the residential society but also provides a better and secure platform to all the residents to maintain the vision of ZERO CRIME rate.