The Rise in the Demand of Gated Communities in India

India has seen quite an upsurge in the demand of gated communities. It is especially the case in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. These gated communities have multistory apartment systems with a dedicated Clubhouse to enhance residents living experience.

But why do people prefer gated communities over traditional ones?

There are various factors that affect the decision of a person or a family before choosing their homes. Some of these factors have a major impact on the decision.

Reasons for this shift:-

  • More Aware Buyers: The buyers are more aware of their needs. They conduct research for available options in the market.
  • Need for Security: The home buyers are looking for a more secure environment for their families. The gated communities are much safer than normal societies.
  • Need for Extra Facilities: Gated societies have abundant facilities to offer. The buyers are looking for these extra facilities that add to their living experience.
  • Social Circle: Humans are known for their need to socialize. Gated communities offer an exceptional way to connect with like-minded people.
  • More Open Area: The gated societies have an open area and less congestion as compared to traditional communities.
  • More Greenery: Gated communities have beautiful landscaping done throughout the open area. This makes it not only beautiful but a plus for the home buyers.
  • Safety for Children: Most families prefer gated communities as they provide a safe and secure environment for their children to grow in.
  • Entertainment for all: From playground for children to sports area for adults, these communities offer entertainment that is suitable for all ages.

It is safer to say that gated communities are much more attractive to families nowadays than ever before. The safety, security and superior amenities add value to the gated society life.

How Hello Resident can help?

Hello Residents offers home buyers a parameter for their gated communities. It is a Society Management Application that acts as a factor in your search. Many gated communities have installed some applications for entry & exit. But Hello Residents is the only apartment management application that provides the best security, management & integration.

So for your next visit for home hunting, make sure that your society has Hello Residents.