Forging a new path for society security

We are a team of young and excited individuals who have lived in gated communities and first handed felt the need for an innovative solution for resident security, thus came into existence Hello Residents.

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Corporation History

Undergoing real life anguish of inconvenience and an insecure environment of living in a gated residential community gave birth to an idea. The idea which crystalized with the creation of the Hello Residents App- a comprehensive solution for the management of residential gated societies.

Pre-Construction Groundwork

Driven by the desire to effectively satiate resident’s needs pertaining to convenience and security, we engaged a market research company to carry out a survey with a view to identify needs of customers current and potential customers in the realm of gated residential community living. The market research company carried out an extensive one to one interviews with residents to identify their hierarchy of needs. Also an intensive examination of the existing competitive offerings was carried out.

Infrastructure Design

The Hello Residents App in its current form manifests the bridging of the gap between the needs spectrum of customers and the existing competitive products. Strictly adhering to the theme of convenience the Hello App designers have ensured “usage convenience”.

Encapsulated in a palm held device the application provides all the essential ingredients to residents for brewing a recipe for daily living infused with security and convenience.

Our Values

That means being the best for the team, not necessarily the best in the team. We strive to build a stronger, smarter team by hiring people who are better than us. A winning team is more than just our work: a strong social bond often helps overcome communication challenges.

Being open doesn’t mean sharing information that doesn’t serve the company’s best interests, it does mean make smart decisions and be candid in your assessments. We are an incredibly talented team, most of the time the best solutions are collaborative. When giving feedback, give it early, be direct, be constructive, be honest, and remove your ego from the equation.

At Hello Residents, every team member is responsible for the product, focused on the mission, and puts all their effort into pushing the company to the next level. It is more important to do the right thing than to do things right. Finally, we’ve achieved great things with few people because we take full ownership of our projects and don’t wait for guidance.

We don’t know everything: Hello Residents operates in a fast moving space with many unknowns. The only way to see if something works is to ship early and often–it’s okay to stumble if we’ve put out our best work and learn from it. We know something is working when our users adopt it. Be thoughtful and detail-oriented. Work fast, work efficiently, and iterate. And most of all–build a product users love.

Security measures are rapidly changing–new technology, new formats, and new distribution channels have rapidly changed consumer habits.