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How to book a facility in your society?2020-07-11T00:45:20+05:30
  1. Click on the “Community” tab on the app screen.
  2. Click on “Facility Booking”.
  3. Select the Facility and select date and time slot.
  4. Click on “Book Now”.
  5. Click on “Proceed to Payment” if it’s a paid facility.
  6. Select the Payment Type DC/CC/UPI/Paytm/Net Banking.
What is ‘Facility Booking’?2020-07-11T00:44:27+05:30

Facility Booking feature provides easy and real-time access to book the facilities present in the community. Online payments can be made while booking a facility through the Hello Residents App.

Who can create an opinion poll ?2020-07-11T00:43:47+05:30

Both the Residents and Admin of the society have access to initiate a poll. Further, residents can cast their vote accordingly.

How to raise a complaint via Helpdesk?2020-07-11T00:43:08+05:30

Click on the “Community” tab on the app screen

Click on “Helpdesk”

Click on “Add Button” present at the bottom of the app screen

Select the category and type of issue. Provide details related to the issue and attach a picture if required.

What is Helpdesk and how does it work?2020-07-11T00:42:29+05:30

It is a complaint management system to ensure a quick and convenient way to track complaints via Hello Residents app. When you face a society related issue(for eg. Electrical, plumbing, etc.), you can raise a complaint through the Hello Residents app. The complaint will be forwarded to the Society Management or Facility Manager. Further, he/she will update the complaint and assign it to the respective society staff personnel. You will be notified about the assigned staff and the action taken against your complaint. You can also add comments, chat with the supervisor, and provide feedback to a specific complaint.

Why Convenience fee is charged?2020-07-11T00:41:51+05:30

Here we are using Payment Gateways instead of direct transfer like NEFT/RTGS/P2P UPI. There is a convenience fee for online payments in Housing Societies which payment gateways either charge to customer or association. Normal merchants like Online shopping platform will bear the charges themselves, the case of Residents Association is different. Hence the user is being charged.

What is the difference between the invoice date, due date and overdue?2020-07-11T00:41:14+05:30

Invoice date – The date on which invoice is raised by the society management team.

Due date – The date on or before which the payment has to be made else a fine/penalty fee might be charged. Due date is mentioned at the top-right of every invoice.

Overdue – If the invoice crosses the due date then the invoice becomes overdue. If an invoice is not cleared on or before the due date, the status changes from ‘Due’ (Orange color) to ‘Overdue’ (red color).

What is wallet amount? How do I use it?2020-07-11T00:40:23+05:30

In case the bill you have paid for via Hello Residents App gets canceled by the management committee (admin), the entire refund will be added to your wallet and this amount will be adjusted against your next invoice.


I have cleared my society dues via cheque/cash but the app shows the bill as pending?2020-07-11T00:39:45+05:30

In case you have cleared your dues via an offline method such as cash, cheque, bank transfer then select the “Already Paid” button on the bill, fill in the necessary details, and click submit. The society management team will clear the dues and generate the receipt manually after verifying the payment.

How to pay your society dues with Hello Residents app?2020-07-11T00:39:02+05:30

Go to the home screen of your Hello Residents app. If you have any pending dues, you will be able to see the bill with a “Pay Now” button. Click on it and choose from multiple payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Net Banking, and Paytm.

If the staff enters the premises but does not reach my doorstep, how can Hello Residents help?2020-07-11T00:38:21+05:30

Since you will get to know exactly when the staff has entered the premises, there is no scope of missing out on the entry. You can follow up on their absence if they skip coming to your house.

How will our staff use Hello Residents as he is not comfortable with technology?2020-07-11T00:37:49+05:30

Your staff doesn’t need to use the app. They just have to get their QR Code on their digital ID scanned at the main gate. We have a separate app (Hello Residents Help) for the society’s staff.

How can I add my daily help (maid, cook, driver, etc) to the app?2020-07-11T00:37:14+05:30

Click the Staff button on the home screen of your app. Now use the top right button to search if your daily help is already added to the portal by some else. If the name already exists, you can just tap the “Hire” button to add him/her to your apartment. If you don’t find the staff’s details, then you can add details of your staff and send it to the admin team for approval.

What if I am not home when someone comes?2020-07-11T00:36:38+05:30

If you aren’t home, you will still get a notification on your app. The guards can always inform the visitor if their request to enter the premises has been accepted or declined.

What if I haven’t raised an invite for my guests?2020-07-11T00:35:52+05:30

If you haven’t raised an invite, your guest will have to give their details to the guard who will update it in the app and raise a request for you to approve via app or IVR call. On accepting the invite, your guest can enter the premises.

What if I do not want my guests to wait at the gate?2020-07-11T00:35:18+05:30

You can raise a request through the Hello Residents app prior to their visit. A QR code is triggered to the visitor via SMS, which they can then provide to the security and enter the premises, without waiting for approval from you.

Does the guard stop everybody who enters the society?2020-07-11T00:34:33+05:30

Yes. The guard is required to collect and capture details from everyone who is entering the premises.

What happens when residents move out?2020-07-11T00:33:54+05:30

The residents who move out of the premises are removed from the system by the management committee and cannot access the premises after removal.

Are mine and my visitor’s entry and exit logs visible to everyone?2020-07-11T00:33:09+05:30

No! If there is any requirement, the management committee can view data up to 12 months through the app and dashboard. By default, the data is not available for viewing by everyone.

How can I ensure that I have the updated version of the app?2020-07-11T00:32:21+05:30

If there are any major updates to existing features, we ensure that notifications to update the app are triggered. You can always check the Play store /App store for the updated version if you want to be extra safe.

How to add other members of the apartment to the Hello Residents App?2020-07-11T00:31:16+05:30
  1. Click on Members Option on the Home Screen under My Home Tab.
  2. Click on Add Button under Approved Tab.
  3. Select from New Resident or a Dependent Resident Category.


New Resident: Any family member that is new to the family or not previously registered is a new resident. He/She should have the facility of a smartphone to get a QR code and access to the Hello Residents App.

Dependent Resident: Any family member that is unable to use a smartphone or does not have a smartphone is categorized as a dependent resident. He/She can be the elders of a family or children. 


  1. Enter Resident’s details and Click on Add Member Button.
  2. Once approved by the Admin/Management, the member will appear in the Approved Tab of the Members section.
Who is a primary resident?2020-07-11T00:29:34+05:30

The resident who is registered and authorized with the admin office on behalf of the respective apartment will be the primary resident. The primary resident can be a tenant or owner depending upon the occupancy. We will add and create a profile for the primary resident of each apartment. They can further add more members to the app.

How many people in an apartment can download and use the app?2020-07-10T23:53:00+05:30

There is no limit on the number of residents who can download the app as long as all are authorized residents of society. If the application crashes/stops immediately on launch, please try to upgrade the app version or OS version to match it.


Can we export data?2020-07-10T23:43:15+05:30

Yes, all relevant data present in your specific Hello Residents portal can be exported anytime.


Will our personal data be secure on Hello Residents ?2020-07-10T23:42:14+05:30

We use reasonable safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, reproduction, use, or amendment. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.

Is Hello Residents difficult to use especially for non-tech savvy people and senior citizens?2020-07-10T23:38:47+05:30

Hello Residents is very easy to use. If you can use WhatsApp then Hello Residents app will be a cakewalk. We also have an IVR feature that reduces the dependency on the app. The resident, admin, and the guard app interface is designed intuitively, keeping in mind the ease-of-use and maximum convenience.


Who pays for the application?2020-07-10T23:37:51+05:30

The management committee of your gated community needs to subscribe to Hello Residents’ services; the app is absolutely free to use for the residents.

Time required to start Hello Residents in our society?2020-07-10T23:37:07+05:30

The entire system can go live within 4-6 days after signing the contract. Our team will deploy the application onsite along with the training of security guards and admin teams.

Where can I get the app?2020-07-10T23:36:14+05:30

The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. But to be able to fully utilize and experience its benefits, the management committee of your society needs to sign up with us.


The app is available on Android and iOS.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.helloresidents.helloresidents&hl=en_IN



What is Hello Residents?2020-07-10T23:34:41+05:30

A mixture of social, financial, and security platforms that not just organizes your monthly housing expenses but also offers some magnificent features that transform your life into a complete set of convenience. It helps in raising a complaint, booking a clubhouse facility, paying dues online, sending invite code to visitors, manage your daily helps and a lot more.

What is Hello Residents?

An app that simplifies life for everyone in a gated community, from residents and management committee members to security guards and facility managers. Packed with features, it reduces many hassles—authorising entry of delivery executives, paying maintenance bills, raising a ticket to the facility manager – to a single click.

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