A new trend of Housing Society is approaching everyone. Earlier, a joint family was a scaffold of security and reliability. Then, with the passage of time, a culture of a nuclear family has taken over the crowd. There used to be a sense of security and hominess with joint family and nowadays it is hard to find.  To gain the environment again, a new trend of housing society has been established by various groups. However, as per census, people are shifting to housing societies because they feel comfortable living behind the society gates.

But, do you know which society is the best place to live in? You must have a thought of it but like others, you were also out of the options.  One can buy a home by giving money but it is important to make a checklist before entering a residential society.

Management Committee

Check whether they have proper management for everything as there are societies which do not have a proper management. Hence, to avoid future chaos, this is the first and foremost point that one should keep in mind.

Power Backup in Housing Society

It is considered to be one of the most essential parts of a housing society. It is important to have a Power Backup facility to avoid power outages as we are still on the road of development. Ask your management committee to sanction you a power load.

Safety System

In big cities, community living is much safer as compared to traditional independent houses because most housing societies have a robust security system in place. Modern housing societies have round-the-clock security features, including CCTV surveillance systems, firefighting equipment, video door phone and intercom facility. Make sure your housing society has all these in place.

An Eco-friendly Layout

As we are aware of the fact that our nation is at the extent of rich resources, it is imperative to adopt eco-friendly ways to conserve water through using rain\water harvesting system. Choose your home that has eco-friendly features such as solar panels, energy efficient fixtures, etc.

Housing Society with a Healthy Arena

“Health is Wealth “and it is important to keep yourself fit and fine. Therefore, the presence of fitness clubs, especially gymnasium, Yoga club along segregate parks for Kids’ play and sitting area would be an added advantage. Do keep a tab on these things.

Authorized Parking Space for Everyone

Parking troubles are often encountered in housing societies. Residential communities with reserved or visitor’s parking area are an essential feature to look out for when buying a home for yourself.

Utility Services

Multi-utility stores providing goods and services within the housing society is a must-have as finding basic amenities or grocery could be difficult and stores could be at a distance. Such utility stores within the society bring ease of finding the products at services right at the doorstep.

If your society has all these amenities then, you are at the right place and if you are still living in a never settle environment then, go for HELLO RESIDENTS; a complete society management application with outnumbered features than any other housing application. It is based on cloud and easily available at minimal cost.