The festival of Colors is just around the corner. With the end of board exams near, the children are getting excited for Holi. Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated with a lot of fervor in India. Adults & Kids alike are enthusiastic to play with colors and eat sweets. This year will be no different. All streets and corner of India will witness the festival in bright colors spread around. We at Hello Residents, a company developing software for cooperative society in Delhi NCR particularly enjoy celebrating this festival.

Like every festival, the residential societies will hold a celebration to celebrate this festival. Family, friends and other residents come together on these festivals to share and spread happiness. These multistory societies generally celebrate the festivals in their common clubhouse. These celebrations are a means to connect with like-minded people and enjoy. Not just that, it allows people to form social circles and increase their network. The Housing Management Society in Delhi NCR is generally responsible for organizing such events. The same is handled by the management committee in other society. It brings a certain amount of joy that cannot be compared when we celebrate with only a few family members.

But to celebrate any festival at such a large scale, it requires a lot of planning. And a great number of things need to be taken place for a successful Holi Bash. This is where our special software for housing society in Delhi, comes into play. This New Delhi based app was developed with the sole purpose of making Society Life easier for residents. There are a lot of tasks that need to be undertaken for the celebration. Whether it is booking the hall and caterers, deciding who will handle decorations, sending the invites, deciding on the activities and much more. With the hello residents App, you can: –

  1. Book Facility– It has an integrated Facility Management features that enable you to apply and confirm the booking for the clubhouse/community hall/lawn for the celebration.

2. Discuss plans– The Society Chats options in the Hello Residents App allows you to create groups and share plans. You can discuss details about the events happening

3. Send invites– Its such a hassle to call everyone or to visit everyone to invite them for the celebrations. With our Housing Society Management Software, it has become easier to send invites to everyone with just a click.

4. Network/social circle– We all have a social circle that we celebrate with or meet up with. Our software for cooperative society lets you interact with your social circle and share your plans.

5. Polls to decide on theme/activities– The polls feature of our Housing Management Software in Delhi NCR lets you create polls. These polls can be about where to celebrate the festive, if all are on board for the festivals, take a vote for the themes or activities to include and much more.

6. Notice for collecting funds– Funds collection is an integral part of organizing an event in society. The Hello Residents App lets you post notices for information regarding who will be handling the collection. It also enables you to pay for the same through its payment gateway.

7. Assigning Responsibility– Discussion and Planning are good but of no use, if they are not implemented properly. The Residential Societies can assign duties and share the details on the News Feed for everyone. This lets people in the organizing committee, the organizers and the residents to be aware of who to contact for what.

All in all, this festive season, celebrate the festival with minimum hassles and a lot of fun. Let our Housing Society Management app in Delhi NCR handle all your management worries.